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Youth Leagues, High schools, Colleges,  & Adult Leagues

Teams using EyesON Sports to score games can now connect to your tournament or League and drive LEADERBOARD STATS and other game content to your organizations website.

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Baseball Players

Easily Drive Game Data for your Tournaments or Leagues

  1. Create an Organization Account

  2. Create Tournaments and/or Leagues 

  3. Teams "join" your Tournament or League 

  4. Scored games drive game content to your website

Simple Setup

  • Setup Main Events

  • Select the Levels 

  • It Auto-Generate Tournament Levels/Ages 

  • Add Leaderboard URL to your Organization website or embed using iFrames

  • Teams using EyesON Sports join when scheduling their games, which removes work by the Directors  

  • Scored Games generate  Batting, Pitching, & Fielding Leaderboards 

  • Pitching Totals for each pitcher

  • And Live 3D Animated Games

Embed EOS inside your website.png
Live 3D Animation iPad _Overhead
Vintage Baseball Ball

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