Tournament  & Leagues Organizations

Do you have an organization that runs tournaments and/or leagues?

Would you like the teams to drive game leaderboards to your site?

If so, create an Organization Account that will allow EyesON Sports teams to connect with your individual tournaments or leagues.


Create Tournaments

EyesON Sports enables Organizations to create multiple age group / level tournaments or Leagues

Statistics Leaderboards

Teams associated with each tournament will autopopulate your Leaderboard with Batting, Pitching, & Fielding leaderboard STATISTICS

3D Animation 

As the games are being scored for your tournament or league , parents will have the ability to watch the games LIVE in 3D ANIMATION from the web.

Connect with Teams

Teams using EyesON Sports can easily associate their team/games with the your tournament /league

Pitch Tracking

Teams associated with your tournament will display the pitchers with the total pitches and innings to ensure arm safety tracking

Add to Your website

EyesON Sports allows all Organizations to use iFrames to embed the Leaderboard, Pitching, & 3D Animation to their site.  

Scoring Dashboard

Teams Scoring Games using the EyesON Sports app...

Pitching Leaderboard.JPG

Pitch Tracking for Safety

Animation on Web.JPG

Watch in Live 3D Animation

Offensive Leaderboard.JPG


Batting, Pitching, Fielding

3D Animation on Schedule.JPG

Schedule of Games Being Scored

Animation Overview on Web.JPG

Multiple Angles to Watch


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